Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The New Malt Shop

Oldest son and his friends come almost every Monday to play and hangout for open mike night at the local Starbucks.

It is a typical High School scene where boys meet girls and vice-versa. After visiting twice now and hanging out while I waited to drive him home, I figured out that Starbucks is to the present decade what the local malt shop was to fifties. Except they play guitars and sing now.

The place was packed even though I managed to take pictures that did not show that. I swear it was packed.

There were some older people and by older people I mean older than Oldest son yet younger than me. He did perform but I spared him the embarrassment of his father running up to take his picture while he played guitar and sang. He sang something from Led Zeppelin but as an acoustic version.

Lat week there was some guy that told stories. He told some story about how he and friend went to Pennsylvania once. I think they got drunk. I think it had something to do with "You have a friend in Pennsylvania". It was open mike night and it was free. I got my money's worth.

Sometimes I am just so shocked how nice kids today came be if they want to. I am not sure that me and my friends would have hung out and sang at this age so it is encouraging to see.

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