Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sea Diamond

On Thursday I was checking out my favorite news web sites and came across an article about a cruise ship being evacuated off Santorini, Greece. At first I thought it was interesting since in last July, we had just taken a cruise through the Greek islands, including Santorini.

Then I saw the name of the ship: Sea Diamond.

This was our ship! They were evacuating the same ship we were on last July.

On Friday morning it sank. The cruise ship that we were on last July, sank.

It sank. Gone.

And two people are missing.

If you have ever been on something that big you find it impossible that it could ever sink like that so quickly. It only took 15 hours for the ship to sink.

I kept thinking that our friends and both sets of kids were on the lowest deck forward and so I can only imagine that those cabins were flooded almost immediately. One of the kids said "We are down here like the Irish" refering to Titanic.

That's ironic now.

I can't believe that the ship that we knew so well for 4 days last July is completely under water .

Santorini is a magical place built on the rim of a volcano and the ship pulls in about 3 PM every Thursday as part of the 4 day cruise. It seems that this time they hit some rocks that are part of the volcano caldera. The rest of the caldera is very deep and there is only one anchorage, which the Sea Diamond usually gets because it is usually the first ship to get to Santorini and Sea Diamond is the largest of the cruise ships that come in on Thursdays.

I hope that they find the missing and that they got safely to land.


Neil said...

Scary. And it must upset you, seeing that you have such a connection.

Anonymous said...

the funny thing is, I was on that ship the trip before that it took to santorini. If my parents had planned that trip a couple weeks later, I would have found myself evacuating the ship.