Sunday, April 29, 2007


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at <span class=Photobucket" border="0">Outside my building at work, directly outside the window in my shared cube, is a 20 story high tower crane. It was put in place last week for the construction of a new building of condos across from city hall. I have no idea how they put it up since it wasn't there on Friday and then suddenly was on Monday.

Watching it has just been fascinating.

Productivity in every office building facing the crane had to be near zero as it was just amazing to watch them get the crane ready for operation. About 5 men climbed ladders inside the tower structure to reach the cab at the top. That would have taken me all day just from the physical work that it took to get that high, let alone from the fear of falling off the thing and crashing below.

Everyone in our office was mesmerized watch these daredevils climb out on the crane and rig it for operation. Men just love this stuff. I have no idea how cranes operate and neither does anyone I work with but there we were, eyes glued to the windows, talking with great authority about what they were doing.

I was scared just watching. My palms were sweating as one man worked his way out on to the boom to rig it with nothing below him but air.

Good luck getting anything done in Center City for the next few months as they build the actual building. All the men will be stuck to their windows, watching.

Full pictures here.

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