Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Money Pit.

I just couldn't bring myself to bring you another bathroom update. So here is another bathroom update.

After the tile guy fixed everything, he suggested that we get a new shower head which is great since I was just saying that I only replaced it oh, say twelve months ago and I'd like to change them monthly but I just can't find the time. Of course he picked a very expensive one that required that I not only replace the head itself but that little pipe that passes through the tiled wall and connects the head into the plumbing. I'm sure there is some fancy plumbing word for it but I don't want to look it up and I don't care. Let's call it a spanner-flexer for the sake of our discussion. A left handed spanner-flexer to be precise.

So I looked at the left handed spanner-flexer and gave it a ever so gentle turn just to see how tight it was on. It turns out it was on pretty tight. I guess this is to make sure that the water doesn't leak out because I think - and I don't know much about these things - if it were loose all the water would leak out on to my family room below.

I decided that a professional plumber needed to replace the left handed spanner-flexer.

Next Mrs F went up and took a shower.

Water leaked all over the family room rug downstairs. Apparently, my left handed spanner-flexer was leaking. Badly.

So for the third time in 2 months we were all using the one family shower while we waited for the plumber to replace the left handed spanner-flexer.

About a week later the plumber did stop by and of course put yet another hole in my wall. This is his third. It's getting be like Mouse Hunt.

This time he elected not to use the nice saw that creates all kinds of saw dust but makes straight holes and used the small sledge hammer to knock a messy, rough edged hole exposing the back side of the left handed spanner-flexer. Actually, now that we saw the other side we both agreed that it was in fact a right handed spanner-flexer and that it was the cause of leak all along.

It was not the tile even though I had a parade of tile men through our bathroom each claiming that they knew it was the tile causing the leak, nor did the plumber find the leak with his numerous holes and dust. It was me, attempting to unscrew the left (right) handed spanner-flexer so that my wife could have her new shower head.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I had fixed the old shower head so that it now had a reasonable flow. The new shower head is back to the ridiculous 2.5 gallons per minute and at night it drips.

At least now I can use my shower again.

Anyone know a good drywall guy?

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