Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lost live blog.

Who the heck was in a car wreck? OMG it's Claire.

Yeah yeah yeah guy with eye patch runs into electric fence - seen it in the previews. Remind me not to get on the CFL's bad side.

Claire has a plan and it sounds reasonable!

What's up with Desmond again?



Ben is not? Complete sentences please.

Hathaway Guy has a smirk. He knows what they are.
don't look at the map!
Wow that was dramatic. Hathaway guy is dead. or is he. Locke killed him.

Another connection. Claire and Jack's Dad. He's Claires dad?
I knew it. Why is he sober?

Is this the first episode with both "tribes" this year?

All men are pigs.

This is where a large rock falls from the sky and strikes charlie. and the bird.

We are getting no where.

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