Sunday, February 18, 2007

A series of unfortuante events

We seemed to be having a string of bad luck. Not "Job" like things like getting really ill, losing a job or a death in the family but little stupid things like the Tile Guy running away and elliptical hell.

Elliptical hell started at the beginning of the year when we decided that we needed a bit of exercise since we were turning into blimps parked on the couch or behind a computer all the time. I mean I was (am) getting winded climbing the stairs out of the Patco high speed line everyday.

We decided an elliptical machine in the house was the way to go since we could do it at home and not have to show our fat selves outdoors.

The search was on and having no idea what we wanted we looked at high end $2,000 models at the professional exercise places. We decided those were nice but if we ever stopped using it we would be unhappy that $2,000 was sitting there doing nothing.

The cheap ones were not that exciting and I could just see them falling apart in a short time so we settled on a NordicTrac AudioStrider 990. We saw it in Sears and thought it was pricey but we liked it and so we told the salesman we would buy it if it went on sale again. Going on sale meant we could use Mrs F's Mom's Sears discount to get the price really reasonable and afford to get the in home service as well.

When I was away for the weekend, it went in sale. Mrs F seized the moment and bought the thing over the phone. It was to be delivered that Friday and I was to put it together myself. That not a big deal, I could put it together no problem.

On Friday it was delivered no problem and that night I started putting together. I was nearly finished and I was putting the "left link arm" on. I picked up the part and took a look at it. It looked funny, like someone had taken tool to try and fix it some how.

Then I knew why. It had been welded crooked and an attempt was made to fix it. It didn't work. I couldn't connect the parts together and if I did I would have broken something.

Time to call support. I get all the paper work get the number and dial and as the phone is ringing I look at the support hours and notice they say they close at 6 PM. I look again - 6 PM mountain time and Jersey is eastern time! Whew, I look at my watch and literally the second hand sweeps past 12 and it turns 8 PM - 6 PM mountain time and I have to wait until Monday to talk to a person.

Monday comes and first thing I get my call in and ask them to order the part. No problem - the part is ordered.

A week goes by and nothing - no part in the mail, no messages, emails etc. That Friday I call them again. Yes, the part is on order but they have no date on when it be delivered. I wait until Monday, check again and it's the same story but this time I ask to talk to manager.

The Manager calls back and tells us that the part has to be made in China and delivered. It may be 4 weeks before they even hear anything let alone tell us when it will be delivered.

Great. Now what? Call Sears. Sears says the part will be there in 5-7 days. Great.

A few days later Sears call back - they can't order the part after all we have to deal with NordicTrack directly for the part.

OK we want a new one - Sears says they'll get back to us. This Friday they got back to us and we can get a new one - delivered 15 April.

So that is where it stands. I think we are going to just dump it back in Sears lap and walk away from the whole thing.

But these sort of things are happening to us on a regular basis in 2007.

Example: Yesterday at the Shoprite, I bought a Brita filter for the spigot because Heaven-forbid we drink unfiltered water out of the spigot like we did when I was kid. I looks simple enough except step 2 says "If your Brita filter doesn't fit call 1-800-for-brita".

Guess what - ours didn't fit and now we have to wait 1-3 weeks for an adapter.

I got a speeding ticket. I haven't got a speeding ticket since .... I don't think I've ever got a speeding ticket.

I got yelled at by Policeman at the mall for picking up Youngest son in front of the mall. Yelling. He was screaming at me about a firezone. I didn't park, I pulled over and picked up 4 boys at the mall.

I am afraid to buy anything.

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