Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Keb' Mo'

A few weeks ago I picked up Bonnie Raitt and Friends at my weekly library browse and on the CD there was a duet with Keb' Mo'. I liked what I had heard on the BR CD and decided to pick up Keep it Simple next browse session.

I heard the first cut, France, and I was hooked. You have to love a blues song that mentions the Internet. (I can't find the lyrics anywhere). It's a happy and contemporary blues with lots of acoustic guitar. I can't tell you the type of guitar he plays since I am no expert in this area but it has a steel front and this makes the sound to have a unique tinny quality to it.

So now I am looking for all the Keb' Mo' I can find. I usually do this with an artist. I'll find one track or album that I like and then I have to have them all.

Speaking of the library, Oldest Son and I went last night and he had a few things to return as did I. I was late and had a $6 fine, which is unusual but he had me beat: $34. I was stunned. Library fines are in the $1.60 type of figure, not one were I need to break out the debit card. Best of all, I got the blame. "Well you didn't go to the library last week". .... and the week before? ...and the week before that?

$40 bucks at the library.

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