Friday, February 16, 2007

I hate being right.

Last week I said some kid was going to fall through the ice. On Wednesday, it happened in the next neighborhood.
Luckily, the boy fell through the ice across the street from a firehouse so he didn't spend that much time under the water.

About 4 PM we heard helicopters circling overhead. Helicopters never circle for the fun of circling. Later, on the news, we heard the story.

MSNBC story.

You can see the firehouse in this picture taken the following morning.


Neil said...

That's pretty scary. I always see photos of kids skating and walking on frozen lakes and ponds. Are there ways to test them first to make sure people should even go on them or is it every man for himself?

Sofias poems and art said...

How scary, and in this issue I understand that you hate to be right. Sins. Sofia