Sunday, February 11, 2007

Deep Freeze

Today may end the streak.

Using my "highly" accurate weather station in the back yard, the highest temperature reached yesterday was 31.8, 2 tenths of a degree below freezing. This marks the 8th day in a row where the daily high was still below freezing. Today is expected to be 34 so it may end today.

Officially, using data by the weather service at the airport, the streak ended yesterday at 4 PM after starting 4 AM Saturday 2/3. That marked 180 hours in row where the official recorded temperature was below 32.

Which got me thinking: What is the record?


It turns out that two years recorded 15 days in row: 1961 and 1979. Tony Wood at the Inquirer determined that in 1961 385 hours were recorded below 32 and 377 were recorded in 1979 when he examined the hourly data after I posted a question on his blog.

So officially we are 205 hours short of the record this year.

But the streak lives on here in Jersey.

Among the many implications of cold temperatures like we have been seeing is the freezing over of many ponds, streams and rivers. I can almost predict an upcoming news story: some boy falls into a cold pond after being on the ice on a day when it hits 40 degrees. It will be on a Sunday.

Warn your kids to stay off the ice.

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suburbanstories said...

The streak at our home ended 2/11/07 13:40. This meant it had been less than 32 degrees F for 204 hours, 10 minutes.