Tuesday, January 23, 2007

These people are crazy.

Mrs F and I have been watching American Idol. We - actually I, only watch during the first rounds before they head off to Hollywood. She watches the whole season but I only like the preliminaries when they have the contestants with too much confidence and not enough talent.

It's like watching a car wreck. You just can't believe there are people like that out there.

I stare in unbelief as they shriek and stomp and do just about anything to get to Hollywood. I give them a lot of credit, I guess, but some of them are out and out crazy people.

One guy fooled me completely tonight. He looked like Fidel Castro with the requisite green army shirt (no little green army hat though) and beard but once he got up there he sang with rhythm and confidence - it was really shocking.

Or the guy whose wife had a baby the morning of the auditions. Whose wife let's them go to American Idol 9.5 months pregnant? He was OK. Not great.

The judges are crueler than a sofa with a TV remote print but you have to give them credit - did you see some of numbers on the contestants? 81934, 75622 & 91234. Could you imagine sitting through 80,000 of those people?

Some of them look like serial killers. I think the FBI should check to see if the string of murders continues in Seattle or Memphis.

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