Saturday, January 20, 2007

The search is on.

I worked from the house yesterday so that the plumber could stop by and cut a few holes in my ceiling. We have a very elusive leak in the shower above the family room, one that I thought I had fixed years ago and convinced it was gasket around the drain in the shower stall, I called in our plumber.

Next thing I know he is cutting holes like he is looking for Bigfoot up there. He was poking lights up there, running water, mumbling to himself and making a mess.

He is a good guy, the kind that isn't in it for the money. I am pretty sure he makes up his prices as he goes along. Last time he came out and did nothing it was $25. This time it was $30 - $15 per hole I guess. The hole on the left was free since I did that one.

I was happily working away when he said "Is the noise from this saw going to bother you?" I said no but I hoped it wasn't going to last long.

The noise turned out to be the least of the problems as soon drywall dust was everywhere. I had laid out a drop cloth and covered the piano but that was pretty useless as the dust went everywhere but the drop cloth.

The plumber was so proud of that saw.

He was telling me that it was the perfect saw since it didn't go too deep and cut through pipes and such. Good, I thought, I wouldn't want water and dust everywhere.

In the end he couldn't find anything in the plumbing so we both decided it must be the tile in the stall since the leak got worse as he rinsed the sides of the shower with the water.

It's just amazing that so little water did so much damage. It's just a drop or two every shower I would imagine is all that made this mess.

So now we need a tile man and the hunt for the elusive leak continues. They may find Bin-Laden before I find this leak.

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