Saturday, January 06, 2007


Last week there was a beautiful full moon. The winter (what little of it we are having here in South Jersey) had cleared the air and the moon shown brightly through out the night.

It reminded me of a problem we have with the full moon.

Our bedroom has a skylight and when we moved in to this house it had a blind covering it. Within the first 28 days or so we removed the blind so that we could see the night sky and let warm sunlight into the room during the day.

There were unexpected consequences.

A little while later we went to bed during the full moon only to have the full moon shine right at the head of the bed where our heads lay.

It was like being on stage.

The moonlight doesn't look that bright until it is the only light in the room. It was bright and right in our eyes. We hid under pillows until the earth rotated the reflected light off the bed and safely on to the floor.

I guess I never noticed but the moon does not take the same course through the sky when it is full and it only a few times a year does it cross the head of the bed but when it does there is a lot of pressure to get to sleep before the bright disk shines in your eyes.

You toss and turn with one one open looking at the moving light moving across the floor and up the bed.

When it does happen it, it only happens for a night or two and then the moon starts getting up too late to be a problem and it wanes smaller and less bright ever night.

Despite the once or twice a year pressure to get to sleep before the lights hit your eye, it great to have a view of the heavens when you go to sleep.

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