Sunday, January 07, 2007

Live Eagles Giants

Here we go! Sheli and the giants start things off with a penalty and then a 29 Yard TD reception by Burress.

Second go for the Giants and penalties kill the giants - 3 and out. Good news is that Shockey is gimpey looking and the defense looked a little more stout. Now Garcia and the offense need to put down SI and get their heads in the game.

2nd quarter and Westbrook jukes his way to a 49 yard touchdown. Youngest son wants to know why those two guys in the wendys commercial where the guys is eating microscopic fries are eating in a library.

2nd quarter again still. A Sheldon Brown pick and then that stupid Wendy's commercial.

4:45 left in the half and the Giants have tied it up. Mrs F is our lip reader and is enjoying reading Shockey's lips.

Halftime thoughts:
The Eagles came out slow but seem to have pulled their head out of their butts and are starting to click. Ruyan is lucky not to have been ejected for that nonsense, Westbrook is in form and Garcia looks fired up. The family has deserted me now and maybe back later. I think they were only here for the food that was out on the 2nd quarter.
Here's to Tiki Barber on his next career and may he remember only the hits Trotter and Eagles defense.

3rd quarter: First series for the Eagles isn't good. Garcia is sacked and the 3rd down pass to Basket is tipped. The Eagles pay 'em back by sacking Sheli on 3rd down.

7:30 left in the third and the two teams seemed content to trade punts until Westbroook seemingly returned one for touch down only to be negated by a penalty.

4:04 left and it's turning into the reggie brown show. He has three first downs in this series. Big third down and westbrook is stopped. Akers and the neck beard come out for a 48 yard attempt. Detmer does what he does best tilting the ball and Akers makes it. 20-10 Eagles.

I was a little too excited to blog while the Giants tied it up. It comes down to the neck beard, the magician and Akers. Reid looks like a genius for bringing Detmer back at this point after last night's debacle with the boy wonder, Tony Romo. Final score Eagles 23 Giants 20.

Mrs F thought that Shockey needs help dressing wearing that horrible orange color and I thought Eli looked like a boy going to his bar mitzvah. She thought Tiki looked great.

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