Saturday, January 06, 2007

Eagles Giants

I am sitting here watching the Seahawks Cowboys snoozefest and thinking about tomorrow's Eagles Giants Wild Card game. I believe the Eagles will win it but I am a little concerned since Jeff Garcia has been on the cover of everything but The Advocate in last week.
Are they buying into the hype about them? Are they still underdogs? Are they overconfident?

Sure winning three in a row against divisional opponents on the road is great but if they drop the one tomorrow it won't mean a thing.

I had really given up on the season after McNabb went down. The defense wasn't playing great up to that point, the offense was sputtering as it was losing to every single AFC team and even the special teams weren't playing all that great.
Then something happened.
It started with an interception on Monday night against the Panthers. If the Panthers had won that game I don't think the Eagles would have won the next 4 games.

Either way here they are winning the East and hosting a play off game.

Tomorrow at 4:30 you know where I'll be.

Update: 1/6
OK so the Seahawks Cowboys game turned out to be anything but a snoozefest at the end. In case you missed it, wunderkin Tony Romo mishandled the winning field goal snap and Martin Gramtica could not get the kick off. It could not have been funnier unless Romo snatched it away ala Lucy and Charlie Brown.

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