Monday, January 15, 2007


On Friday we attended the "Save Darfur" concert at Oldest Son's High School. The concert raised a bit of money for the effort to save Darfur.

Oldest Son's band played and opened the show of about 25 musical acts. That is him on the left playing bass. They played two songs and sounded pretty good considering that they had to hold up part of the drum kit through part of the act. The bass drum was sort of rolling away as the drummer was playing it.

This isn't the first time he has been on stage in these shows. He usually performs in the talent show every year and plays some different instrument every time.

This is the surprise of having kids, you never know what their personality and talents will be like. I remember how shocked I was the first talent show I saw him up there on stage. Being on stage and performing would have been the furthest thing from my mind when I was his age. I am not even sure I could dance in a crowd without being self conscience let alone jumping around on stage at 16.

The first talent show he performed in was nearly two hours of girls performing mini dance recitals, singing something from Wicked or a solo guitar act singing Cum Bah Ya. Pretty tame stuff.

Then his band came on.

They were dressed in a lot of black.

They sang Electric Funeral by Black Sabbath.


The singer didn't practice with them much and sort of shrieked his way through the song.

It was a little different.

For the next show he was into ska music and had a full ska band with horns and the works. I asked "who is singing", remembering the Black Sabbath adventure the year before. He said "I am" like it was nothing. Oh OK, you are singing. In front of people. And dancing. In front of people.

It is fun to watch and a surprise.

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