Monday, December 11, 2006

I think I pulled something......

I think I pulled something getting back up on the Philadelphia Eagles bandwagon. A few weeks ago after the Monday Night debacle in Indianapolis I was ready to leave them for dead but now that they have won two in a row and remain in the wildcard hunt for the NFC, I believe again.

Yes, they can't stop the run, sacks are way down, they have two huge injuries (McNabb and Kearse). I actually think they think they can do it.

Yesterdays game was coyote ugly and they were lucky to walk away with the W but a win is a win and they are back above 500 again thanks to Brian Dawkins game saving sack of Jason Campbell.

Match the Bengals player with the charge.
CB Deltha O'Neal
spousal abuse;
DE Frostee Rucker
DT Matthias Askew
G Eric Steinbach
resisting arrest;
LB A.J. Nicholson
operating a boat under the influence;
LB Odell Thurman
WR Chris Henry
resisting arrest and drug possession
WR Reggie McNeal

Fantasy Update
I am also tired after staying up too late to watch the The Dallas - New Orleans game. It was doubly sweet since I have Brees and McAllister in the playoffs of my Fantasy league and my opponent had the Cowboys defense. My team, The Fragile Porcelain Mice, move on to the next round of the playoffs having knocked off the team with LT. Every time Brees threw a pass, the Dallas Defense dropped in points. It was beautiful.

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