Sunday, December 10, 2006

A hook, a hat and a coat.

When youngest son was about four we took him to Santa at Macy's downtown. It was a special employees only visit and my Mom joined us for the day. There was a long line and when it finally was Youngest Son's turn, he got in the big man's lap and said:

"I want a-hook-a-hat-and-a-coat".

We had no idea what this meant. We heard coat.

We thought he wanted a new coat because as the youngest of four cousins Youngest Son was always getting every one else's hand me downs. I felt terrible. The boy had asked Santa for a coat.

We completely misunderstood.

Both boys has spent the better part of the previous year watching Peter Pan and were fascinated with Cap't Hook. He wanted a pirate hook for a hand, a pirate hat and a pirate coat.


My Mother made the boy a red pirate coat complete with ruffled sleeves and wide lapels and we found a hook and hat.

That Christmas morning the first thing he opened was hook. He then used the hook to open the gift wrap on all the other presents.

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