Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Break.

In 17 years of marriage and 5 years of dating preceding that, we have worked out a rigorous schedule to get time with both our families. It takes planning, determination and full tank of gas.

Since Christmas Eve is Mrs F's Mother's Birthday we head to my sister-in-laws for Christmas Eve. We usually do a big spread up in God-knows-where PA and stay until after midnight but this year sister-in-law and her husband were singing at Midnight Mass at Our Lady of the Sticks church so we pushed Christmas ahead by three hours. I some how convinced the crowd that it was in everyone's best interest to watch the Cincinnati-Denver game since I had two players in Fantasy Football in the playoffs in that game. We usually watch "A Christmas Story" five hundred or so times until we can repeat lines from it. (I think, with a little effort, we as a nation, can make "A Christmas Story" like "Rocky Horror Picture Show" with audience participation and an annual family event. )

Every year at my sister-in-laws at about 8 pm or so we have the same conversation: "What time are we getting to Mom's?" This conversation revolves around what time everyone will be arriving to my Mother-in-laws to exchange presents on Christmas even though we just saw each other hours before at my sister in laws. Same people - different geography.

We have this conversation knowing two things perfect well:
  • We always say 2 PM.
  • We always lie.
We could have the conversation in July with similar results but we do our best to make it by the prescribed time.

The actual arrival time of each party follows the "inverse of the distance" rule. The further away you live, the closer to the prescribed time you arrive. We live in another state but some how get there before her brother and sister that live in the next township.

This year my mother in law generously gave us each checks for Christmas and my wife whispered to me "how much?" looking at her check. Thinking quickly, told her I got twice as much as she did.

We exchange gifts there and then head to my mother and fathers for dinner.

This year was a little different at my Mom's since the Eagles-Dallas game came right in the middle of our visit and took precedence. We exchanged gifts at commercials and sat to eat home made raviolli just after half time. The filet wasn't quite ready after the pasta so we all headed back to the game to watch the Eagles crush the hated Cowboys and the receiver who's name we dare not speak.

We got to work up more of an appetite for the filet.

As is customary, I've taken the week between Christmas and New Years as vacation but this year Mrs F has to work so it is a little different. I have made a list of things that I wanted to get done and she made me a new list of things she wanted to get done and guess what - blogging wasn't on either list so you can imagine how that is going.

So I better get back to my list and get to work.

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