Thursday, November 16, 2006


Several things I was thinking about while stuck in traffic on the Schuykill yet again this morning.
  • What the heck did Admiral Wilson do in life to have that crummy road named after him in Camden. He must have pissed someone off.
  • What is a Kia "SFPH A"? A light blue was in front of me for 30 minutes at US1.
  • What does Conshohocken mean? It's got to mean something, right? "Zoned light industrial"?, "Land of many old factories"?
  • Why do most people still seem to use the cash lanes instead of ez-pass at the Ben Franklin bridge.
  • Isn't a 16 inch Tsunami just a big wave? How could you tell which wave was the tsunami? Did it wet japanese beach blankets and towels? Wash away children's beach toys? Why is no one leading a relief effort?

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