Monday, November 27, 2006


My brother and his wife from California were in town over the weekend and so we spent quite a lot of time over at Mom's in Pennsylvania. I drove back and forth on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and it seemed like just about every trip was in the rain. It was good to have the whole family together as brother-who-does-not-exist-on-the-internet-even-though-he-has-a-domain was also in for the weekend and my sister lives there.

We usually get together and play "the game" as it is referred to in my home. "the game" is Acquire, a stock market game that I picked up in the Navy 30 something years ago. In the years since we have always played on the days around the holidays when all of us are in town.

This year I couldn't find the game and so we were disappointed somewhat. I am not sure what happened to it. It's got to be around somewhere but it may be time for a new model since we were playing around missing pieces.

We also just hung out. The boys enjoyed time with their cousins and stayed over at Mom's several times.

In between all this we had a soccer tournament, the annual million man nap on Thursday during the Dallas game, put up Christmas lights in the warm weather for a change and saw my mother in law.

All in all it was a fine five days off.

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