Monday, November 06, 2006

Band Season winding down

We spent Sunday chasing the marching band across Pennsylvania. The All States championships were held in Hershey, PA and this year we were finally able to attend. We missed the previous years because of Mrs F being in school and of course in those two years they won this championship and the Calvacade of Bands in successive years.

This year they did well and came in third but we had to leave well before the 9:30 PM scheduled awards ceremony.

My Mom and Dad came and watched through Oldest Son's band and then took off the minute He was done. We were right behind them after the next band finished up because it was cold, we were tired and it was time to go home. We also had the neighbors come with us and enjoyed the company for the 2 plus hour ride.

Next week is Cavalcade of Bands, the last real show of the season and then finally He gets a break for a while.

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