Sunday, October 01, 2006

Temporary Homelessness Again

So at 8:30 this morning I was walking through Wildwood, NJ with a full backpack in the rain after sleeping on the beach.

It wasn't that I was homeless, I was part of Beach Jam and I was walking to my minivan.

Thousands of scouts and their families come twice a year to Wildwood to stay on the beach and ride rides, walk the boardwalk and hangout. Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts come from as far away as Maryland and New York. It's a perfect example of a win-win. Wildwood needs people to come to the Summer beach resort in the Fall and Scouts from all over are looking for places to go and be in the outdoors.

This was our first time and we didn't really know what to expect so we came as early as possible and set up. It was a lot like being on a crowded beach on hot day. If you came early you were able to set where ever you wanted and if you came late - good luck. We spent a large amount of our time holding our ground against invading late comers.

At one point a Girl Scout leader came by and the conversation went like this:

Girl Scout Leader: Do you mind if we fill this area next you with girls?
Me: Are they pretty?
Girl Scout Leader: Well they are all pretty on the inside.

Later I found out that one of our boys, under their breath, said "that has not been my experience"

The Girl Scouts found a better spot.

Later a group of Boy Scouts from New York eventually moved in behind us and squeezed into every available crack of space between all of our tents towards the beach. We kept our real estate in front of our tents but behind us were the New Yorkers.

We experienced every kind of weather in 24 hours as well. Saturday during the day was sunny, in the afternoon the winds whipped up and today we had rain. During the wind the tents on the front lines near the water were nearly flat from the wind and tents all around us were overturned.

The rain on the beach was nasty too but at least the wind had stopped by that time.

The boys had a great time but what was not to like - it's not too often you go a camping trip where the fudgie-wudgie man comes by selling ice cream.

I don't think I've ate so much on a camping trip before either. There was just too much to pick on from the boardwalk stores.

All in all it was a good time and enjoyed by all.

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