Sunday, October 08, 2006

How I spent my 17th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday was our 17th Wedding Anniversary and here is how I spent it.

8:00 AM - Woke up and turned on the oven to 325. Made coffee.
8:15 AM - Made Brownies for Bake Sale at Band Home Competition.
8:25 AM - Watched Spouse leave for first Columbus Day Soccer Tournament game of the day with Youngest Son after another episode of "why didn't you get your water ready".
8:30 AM - Make shopping list.
8:40 AM - Put Brownies in Oven for 50 Minutes and ate breakfast reading about TO (Terrel Owens) in the local TO news outlet the Philadelphia Inquirer. Read that the Pope has abolished limbo.
9:15 AM - Being that it is cold, I decide at the last minute to make Hot Chocolate for Spouse.
9:25 AM - Brownies are done. I remove from oven and set on rack to cool.
9:30 AM - I race over to the Soccer fields hoping to catch second half of first game.
9:35 AM - Don't remember which field they are playing on. I guess at field 2.
9:40 AM - I guess wrong and go back to car to find field 4.
9:45 AM - I find field 4 and bring chair, hat and thermos of boiling hot hot chocolate. I arrive as the whistle blows starting second half. They are winning 1-0 and Youngest Son missed a shot at the goal in the first half because it is wet.
9:50 AM - Spouse burns chin on piping hot hot chocolate.
10:30 AM - Game over - they win 2-0. Spouse stays to fulfill obligation to sell T-Shirts for Soccer Team.
10:40 AM - Drop off youngest son and race over to food market.
10:55 AM - Arrive at food market.
11:45 AM - Spend $173 in food having no idea what I bought.
11:48 AM - Receive call from spouse - buy burn cream.
12:00 PM - Arrive home. In a blur in the next fifteen minutes I will:
  • Put away all items needing refrigeration.
  • Instruct Oldest Son to make his mother a sandwich.
  • Cut and individually bag 30 Brownie squares into snack bags.
  • Instruct Oldest Son to put away non-perishable foods.
  • Mark cooler with our name in permanent marker and give to boys to put in car.
12:15 PM - After locking door, see two boys struggling to fit a 40 quart wheeled cooler in the trunk of '97 Civic. I tell them to throw it in the back seat, cram in next to it and we race to second soccer game.
12:25 PM - Drop off youngest son at soccer fields with the sandwich for his mom. I am 5 Minutes ahead of schedule.
12:40 PM - Arrive at high school Home Competition with Oldest Son. Drop off brownies and attempt to drop off cooler but the cooler is not required. Still 5 minutes ahead of schedule.
12:42 PM - Put cooler back in car and leave high school. Race 3.9 miles back to the soccer complex.
12:55 PM - Buy burn cream at CVS.
1:02 PM - Arrive at soccer game. They are running late.
1:03 PM - Mad at myself for unnecessarily worrying about "pagan babies" when I was young since the Pope has now abolished limbo.
2:25 PM - The soccer game is over. They lose 2-0 to a huge team from Delaware.
2:30 PM - Arrive home and make lunch of soup and sandwich.
3:00 Pm - Gather hat, gloves, walkie-talkies and batteries.
3:15 PM - Leave for High School home band competition.
3:30 PM - Arrive at High School. Change into fluorescent green safety vest for parking duties.
4 PM - 8:15 PM - Park incoming high school buses using only a flashlight and my vest.
8:30 PM - Eat a meatball sandwich standing among piles of unused coolers with the other "parking dads"
8:45 PM - Help assemble large red barn made from cloth and PVC pipe.
9:15 PM - Bring fragile red barn onto football field with other dads.
9:20 PM - Race to seats to watch band show.
9:45 PM - Disassemble large red barn.
10:00 PM - Find oldest son. He is going to coffee shop with girlfriend. I could really care less. I am exhausted and my legs hurt.
10:30 PM - Arrive home and crawl into bed. Pass out watching "Castaway".

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Neil said...

Not a bad way to spend an anniversary!