Tuesday, September 19, 2006

This just in .... A shed update.

As you can see the new shed construction is coming along rapidly. I am not sure why the zoning variance was required - those zoning guys are so strict about 3 story steel frame construction! They are just nuts. I hope the lawn mower fits on one of the floors and the wheel barrow on another. I'll have to get some of those expensive organizers as well to hang my rakes and shovels. I hope it all fits.

The roof is a concern since I don't seem to have one but I'm sure the Amish guys will get to it. I am sure the neighbors are going to love it since it such an improvement over the old one.

So what if it is 100,000 SQ FT. and blocks out the sun.

Actually the Amish showed up at exactly 6:30 AM Saturday morning in the rain. The schnauzers started barking so I went to the door expecting some strapping milk fed bruiser like in the movie Witness and found - Doogie Houser. I swear the kid couldn't have been more than 16 and he was wearing glasses. He was 100 lbs soaking wet.

So doogie had his "crew": a guy driving the truck was a little older - maybe 23 and another heavy set kid that was 15.

They started taking the old shed down right away and had it down by about 9 am. We started to figure out that they weren't real Amish when they started cussing up a storm.

The cursing Amish. Never heard of them before Saturday.

I had some errands to run and by time I came back the new shed was nearly done. They had brought it in pieces so it went up rather quickly.

Mrs F got home at about 1 and noticed right away that they had the windows on the wrong side. We had made some oral changes and the Amish moved the windows on us as well as moving the porch. Not much you can do now though - so we have two windows that look at the neighbors fence.

The glory of the cupola more than made up for it. It rises above high the roof with a rooster that points the wind direction. A real thing of beauty that must be seen to be appreciated.

The thing is that I had my weather station on the old shed and no one ever noticed the wind direction. Mrs F spent most of Saturday telling me "Now it's from the South East". That never happened with the old weather vane even though the data was on the internet.

We had the ceremonial moving of the lawn mower at about 2 PM and of course speeches by the Mayor and most of the town council. The Mayor spoke on the need for more shelters for homeless wheel barrows.

It really is a beautiful shed and it's like something out of Disney world. I plan to add and animatronic Lincoln on the porch next year and have a version of "it's a small world" inside.

"It's a small world after all,
It's a small world after all....."

I could sell tickets.

The boys took one step inside and each had the same thought: "I could live out here". Why do guys have this primeval urge for solitude? Youngest Son wanted to know if he could have sleep over in it. "Does it have electricity for my Xbox? He wanted to know.

The neighbors love me again and have stopped me on the street saying how wonderful I am for having the vision and determination to replace the old shed.

I just have to remember to paint this one.

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