Thursday, September 21, 2006

Philly Underground Fire

I am beginning to feel like Jimmy Olsen, cub reporter.

At about 1:15 I was in my next door neighbors office when we heard what sound like something large being dropped a long way.


Of course we all headed to the windows to look out on 15th street where the noise seemed to have come from and as we examined the construction site across the street, looking for what dropped, we noticed a manhole cover was missing and in parts on the street.

Smoke was still coming out of it as I grabbed my camera and rushed off a few shots from 17 floors up.

We watched out the window for a while and noticed that the fire company had already been on the scene before the explosion and we watch as the fire company put orange caution cones around the manhole and for a while people walked down 15th right past the cones like nothing had happened.

The office started to stink like fire by about 1:25 and word was passed that we could go home if wanted. It wasn't smokey but you could smell something electrical burning.

No one was really frightened or anything it was just sort of "oh well, what is going on at the window now?"

Later an announcement was made to evacuate the building using elevators or stairs. Again, things were calm and relaxed with people headed to the bathroom before heading out.

We all hopped on the freight elevator and walked out on the plaza with the Clothespin sculpture and decided it was best to go home before anything happened to the trains.

Just another day in the city.

Of course those weasels at got better pictures somehow and I was there the whole time!

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