Saturday, September 23, 2006

It's OK, I'm with the band.

Mrs F and I decided that we were going to make a commitment to actually see oldest son's marching band competitions this year. In the past she was studying constantly and we did not have the time to see him perform due to everything we squeezed into a weekend.

That is a shame since for past two years the high school marching band has won the championships for their division. Let's hope they do as well this year.

We headed over to the "away" competition in the next county only to find that the band needed a massive amount of help since they had more props than a "fancy brigade" and we were quickly recruited to move props onto the field.

The theme for his band this year is "Down on the farm" complete with a barn, fences and half completed pictures of animals. It took a small army of people to move everything on to the field and off in the 15 minute time limit. They really needed the help.

I thought they performed great but then again, I am a little biased. Usually in the beginning of the "band season" they are a bit rough around the edges since the choreography is rather complex. By Thanksgiving they should be very sharp.

The parents really support the bands with cheering of course but the real cheer-leaders use cow bells. Our band parents association hands them out as soon as you join and expects that the parents will use them at all the competitions. One band at this competition took cow-belling to a new level with huge custom cow bells. They were obnoxious baritone cow-bells. They were loud and huge. One guy actually wore a glove to handle his. A glove. What, did he get blisters?

I have a fever ......

We had a wonderful time and expect to make a lot more of them.

They made second place in their division.

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