Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sixteen Years ago today.

I woke up to "my water broke".

I guess today is the day then, no turning back now. It was summer and Mrs F was pregnant with Oldest Son. Until now it had been like sleeping next to a fiery furnace all summer long but now, now it was finally time. I had visions of 40 something hours of labor and I remember thinking "do you think we have time for a big breakfast" but wisely didn't say anything.

Off we went to the hospital for the birth of our first son.

We had been married for almost exactly 10 months on this day.

Eight months before I had woken up to "the stick turned pink". I told her "go back to bed and get some sleep, we are going to need it". I was right.

We argued about a pillow that morning. It was something called a "breakfast" pillow. It cost something in the neighborhood of $300 from Spiegel's. It matched all of our other bed apparel.

I did not want a $300 pillow anywhere near an infectious place like a hospital and she wanted it to comfort her. Like a teddy bear or something.

I should have let her have the stupid pillow.

We got to the hospital about the same time as about 14 other women in labor and would spend the day racing them for position as to who would give birth first. At about 11 AM the anesthesiologist showed up and asked a few questions. He asked if she had ever experienced numbness in her extremities.

She gave a bad answer - "yes".

The Doctor told her that she would not receive an epidural shot that day. No drugs. This was bad. She had been expecting drugs, lots of drugs.

She was given pitocin and hooked up to monitors that would tell when the contractions were coming. As one of the other mothers would move ahead they would take her off the pitocin and let the contractions happen naturally. It went like this all day.

I could see the monitors and she could not and the monitor foretold of the pain that was coming. I tried to keep a happy face but when the graph shot up, it was very difficult to keep a poker face.

At first we could see the head crowning. It seemed like hours that the head crowned and then finally his head popped out.

The nurses took him out and placed him under a heat lamp like a french fry.

I remember feeling holy as I watched my son on the table wrapped in blankets under the heat lamp.

I came out to the waiting room and found both our parents and told them that it was boy. I remember that they were surprised that it was all over and everything was fine.

That night I went home to an empty condo. I still felt holy.

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