Monday, August 14, 2006

Kukaro Part 2

As reported earlier, we spent the weekend on the S/V Kukaro on the Chesapeake Bay. The weather was perfect, with almost none of the humidity that we had been having the week before and nothing but sunshine and moonlight.

The Kukaro is a Hudson Force 50 built in Taiwan in 1980. While there is not direct translation, kukaro is a Micronesian word that means "really long to do list" because, as is expected, there is always something that needs fixin'.

I spent the weekend re-learning a whole new language of course since sailors have a different name for just about everything. While I usually go to the store and buy food, this weekend I went food shopping and bought some "provisions". It wasn't the left side of the boat, it was port. It wasn't a bathroom it was a "head" and we needed lessons to run it. The boys and I were reminded not to throw feminine hygiene products down the bowl. We fought this urge all weekend long.

We motored up to a semi-secluded anchorage at the Sassafras river and spent the over night "on the hook". Of course we swam off the boat and the boys enjoyed jumping off the pulpit into the water below.

This was a lot different than the last time we were on L&R's Sailboat in 1998. The boys were 8 and 5 and the boat was their boat previous to this, a 34 ' Hunter. In those days the boys work up at dawn and being on a sailboat did not deter them from their early morning adventures. The only problem? No where to go on 34 ' sailboat so they ran up and down the Fiberglas deck. bop bop bop bop bop bop up the deck and bop bop bop bop bop down the deck.

They peered in the hatch said "hello!" they ran back down the deck.

This trip was a bit different since they are teenagers now and slept in until 9 and complained about missing sleep.

Here is a pic from 98 and the same crew from this trip.

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