Wednesday, August 30, 2006

End of an era

Today marks the end of a era for the Philadelphia Eagles as they waived both Koy Detmer and Todd Pinkston. Remarkably, two of the skinniest men in the NFL were released on the same day.

Koy was a strange bird. He looked more like your neighbor than an NFL quarterback, someone you might borrow a rake or a leafblower from rather than your field general. It always amazed me that someone so slight could play at the NFL level and last for ten years. I always gave me hope that someday I might line up under center.

By comparison, Jesse Palmer (aka The Bachelor and a text book looking QB) only lasted six.

Koy played his best game in 2002 on Monday Night Football against the 49ers. Donovan McNabb had broken his ankle the week before and it was up to this 195 lb quarterback to win on national TV and keep the Eagles season going. He picked the 49ers apart before dislocating his elbow in the third quarter. It was painful to watch him thrash on the field clutching his elbow from the gruesome injury but he played a beautiful game.

I'm sure that Koy would most like to be remembered for his quarterbacking skills or least for his wacky zorro/swordsman celebrations but he will best be remembered like this, on one knee, looking down, holding the football for kicker David Akers. He was very good at this apparently as everyone just raved at how good he was at holding the football. Holding the football. He got paid to hold the football. I guess all the other guys on the team for the past ten years never learned how to do this or had the uncontrollable urge to swipe it away at the last minute ala Lucy on Charlie Brown.

Holding the football. Another thing I could have done if given the chance.

In recent years it had to be this skill that kept him on the team year after year. It was either that or that he had compromising pictures of Andy Reid. Either way, he made a bundle of money for being David Akers' security blanket as he signed a $3.25 million contract over four years in 2003.

3.25 million for holding the football. I could have done that, how hard can it be?

He also had a strange habit of buying a single outfit at the beginning of the year in Target and wearing that outfit to every road game. Word was that he didn't bring much else on the road either. Maybe a toothbrush and his playbook.
You can also see that he did not blow his money on fine automobiles either. Koy drove this 1981 Caddilac until this year when it was auctioned off for charity.

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