Saturday, August 26, 2006


This time of year reminds me of being on a roller coaster and being towed up that first big hill. Our whole family is looking up at sky with our hands in the air knowing that once we pass that peak on Labor Day it is going to be a wild ride to Christmas. An endless stream of Soccer-Band-Scouts-Soccer-Band-Scouts until next thing you know you are shoveling snow in January.

So we take a pause for the last week of real summer as the roller coaster cars slowly come to the top, change direction and head off down the hill.

Oldest son will be a Junior in High School this year and that now adds the element of College hunting and SATs into the mix and youngest may not be doing Scouts so that may free up some time but still we are going to need more planning than the Allies had for D-Day if we want to see Christmas alive since we are both working. I'm thinking on-line calendaring might do the trick but no one besides me would use it.

It has been quite a summer with the trip to Italy and Greece, Sailing the Chesapeake, Concerts and numerous camps - it seems like a blur. Except for the graduation party, we really didn't even have any big pool parties - that is a first. Sleep-overs were dramatically down this year as well - I guess the boys are out growing them.

Maybe we can get one last fling in before the school season starts after Labor Day. Maybe a camping trip - who knows. I haven't been to the shore yet this year either. Maybe a day trip is order.

Concert Update

We saw Tom Petty last Friday on the grass at the Tweeter in Camden. It was a great show even if it was attended by what seemed to be 20 year-olds for whom the lights were on but no one was home. The place was packed but we had our usual 20 or so in attendance so we had a strong foot hold against the crowd. Thanks to Tina and Wendy for camping out early holding back the tide.

We alledgedly saw the Allman brothers too but I only caught the last few songs of their set. Many in our crowd never saw them at all after spending the better part of the evening in line at the bathrooms.

Good show even if the encore was a little weird. Three slow songs in row - a lot of people, including us, left during the encore.

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Neil said...

Good to see you're still rocking it! The last time i went to a concert, all I could think about was how "loud" it was...