Friday, July 07, 2006

The tour continues....

Like Rock bands name their tours, I have named this tour "columns and
rubble 06". We are literally rushing from town to town looking for
more ancient rubble and columns.

After a while they all blur together into one long street of old rocks
and half standing columns.

Today is Epidarus with a 15,000 person theater. Theater of course is a
greek word that means "be quiet I am trying to hear"

The hotels are becoming more hilarious as we move along. This mornings
shower wins my "European contraption of the week". The first thing I
noticed was that the bathroom was all tile with a drain. I found out
why when I turned the shower on and water sprayed in every direction.
This also explained why there wasn't an electrical outlet in bathroom.

The shower curtain was about 2 inches too short and the water that
didn't spray out past the shower curtain run down the curtain and out
on to the floor.
There were two kinds of towels: 40 grit (hard) and 100 (medium) and
rubbing them on yourself made you dry but red rubbing.

There was one outlet and it was on the wall outside the bathroom about
5 feet off the floor.

I spent the entire shower giggling to myself.

Mike Falciani

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