Thursday, July 13, 2006


I hated "The sisterhood of the traveling pants" but was fascinated
with the Greek Island scenes when one of the caharacters went to

This island has white cubed houses with blue trim that over look the
sea from volcanic cliffs hundreds of feet from the sea.

As usual we were so rushed getting through the first town, Ia, that we
hardly had time to play "Dad can I have a Boss Bar".

We are traveling by bus across winding switchback roads that are
barely wide enough for an Ox Cart.

As usual, I could spend days here but we measure our time in hours.
Our time is also spent with a tide of tourists that flood each little
town, spend Euros and then receed.

The kids are tired of posing in pictures and in each photo become more
and more unhappy.

I am not sure that we could survive another week of this.

Now we are at the next town by bus so I need to go.

Mike Falciani

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