Sunday, July 09, 2006

The passport situation

The passport situation is worse than we first suspected.
Because youngest son is under 14 it will take both his mother and father to sign documents saying that he is our son and lost his passport. We have plenty of copies of documents including his passport and birth certificate. The issue is going to be time.

We also reported the situation to the local police here in Athens.

The logistics tomorrow are going to be difficult to navigate. We have to leave here by Taxi at 7 AM to be at the embassy by 8. They open at 8:30 and we need to be first in line because we need to be in and out of there by 10 at the latest in order to make the cruise liner leaving at 11.

I am not to hopeful of that so we may need to catch the liner at Mykonos later in the day. We would catch the liner by taking the high speed hydrofoil to Mykonos. It's not cheap - 40 Euros each.

The plan right now is to have Me, Mrs F and Youngest Son (YS) go to the embassy and have Oldest Son continue on the cruise with the C family. Absolutely worse case is he gets a cruise and we do not.

That is not very encouraging.

In other matters we bailed on the Delphi excursion because we are exhausted and distracted with the passport problem.

Yes - we have looked for the passport everywhere. We turned the room upside down looking for it.

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