Thursday, July 06, 2006

On the bus to Olympia, Greece

We are off the ferry and on the bus to Olympia.

This is definitely not a first class trip but we are enjoying it. This
mornings included breakfast was a hard boiled egg, a piece of bread,
coffee, tea or juice and fruit. The best part was the food service
help at breakfast this morning. They were stnding behind the counter
filling a glass case with a plate with 3 small jelly containers for
the bread. Except for the guy boiling eggs this was the only guy
cooking. It does not require a chef's hat to put jelly on a plate.
Meanwhile our cabin had red curtains that when closed and the sun was
shining made the room look like Kramers apartment in the "Kenny Rodger
Roasters" episode of Seinfeld.

The ferry was a sample of what cruise life will be like. Hopefully the
cruise ship will be better than the ferry.

The air in our cabin was somehow cold and hot at the same time. I was
sweating and freezing at the same minute. Mrs F woke up shivering.

The ferry was late but as jason our tour guide says "No Worries".

Mike Falciani

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