Thursday, July 06, 2006

live from on board Ionian Queen

Sent last night but did not get in the blog!

We have boarded the overnight "ferry" to Greece. It is actually more
like a small older cruise liner with state rooms and restaruants and
such. The 4 boys have a room, the C family has a room and Mrs F and I
have one.

The ship is due to sail any minute so I may lose my data connection any minute.

Pompeii was hot and dusty but interesting. More ruins around every
corner. The boys enjoyed seeing the ampitheater where pink floyd
performed live in 1969 and finally got free time on their own.

So we say goodbye to Italy for now. Oldest son will definitely be back
now that he has had a taste of Italy as he enjoyed conversing with our
bus driver Luciano.

That is all for now and I'll pick up again when I get a signal.

Mike Falciani

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