Friday, July 14, 2006

Italy and Greece Day one

Today is "an International Day" according to EF Tours. We were originally scheduled to take off for the US of A in the morning after getting off the ship but EF could not get a flight for the Philly crew today and so we are "stuck" here in Athens for one last day. The international part is that you are not home.

The girls wanted to spend the morning shopping so off we went to the plaka area of Athens and spent more money than we have the entire trip.

Mr C had to take off this morning for JFK so it is me and my wife, two sons and the 4 remaining members of the C family in our little band of travelers.

Italy seems like years ago now even though it was only last night.

To recount a bit of our story:

We arrived in Rome at about 2:20 in the afternoon of the 2nd of July after equipment troubles in Frankfort. We waited over 3 hours for all of our luggage and then met the EF representative at the Airport to take only the four of us to our bus to meet our tour director, Jason. She was used to leading groups of 50 or so through the Rome airport and so she was leading the 4 of us with her hand in the air and a sign so we could all see her. I whispered to her that she could put her hand down as we could see her just fine since there were only 4 of us in the group. She lead us and our luggage up and down curbs and across the bus terminal to our "Air Conditioned" coach.

Two things here:

1 Air conditioning in Europe sucks. It just does, get used to it.

2. This was only the beginning of dragging luggage but we didn't know it. We would later drag them across parking lots, curbs, beaches and broken escalators. Our luggage logged more miles that the buses.

We did a short bust tour of Rome and went to a cheesy, touristy pizza palor in Rome for a Pizza dinner with water.

This was to be another theme: lots of water and no soda. Get used to it. After that we drove out to our hotel 25 miles outside Rome. 25 miles. It was 40 minutes by bus but it was "Air Conditioned"

And that was day one: a lot of flying and very little touring. We would more than make up for it later.

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