Friday, July 14, 2006

How we found the passport

Late on Sunday night we had given up on ever seeing the passport again
and were planning our adventure to the US Embassy in athens and how to
then catch up to the Sea Diamond. We were first told that the ferries
"ran every hour" but then Mrs F asked a new person, the night Front
Desk Manager athe hotel, and showed us that the ferries stopped
running at 8:30 in the morning and started again at 4PM arriving at
Mykonos at 8PM. Jason, our tour director told us that the ship left at
9PM. Cutting it just a little close, to say the least.

We were rearranging suitcases and Mrs F asked me to give oldest son a
pair of pants down in the boys room.

As I walked around the corner to the room Oldest Son told me that they
had found the passport.

Yougest son was very casual about the whole thing but Iwas elated.

The passport was in his carry on bag wrapped around a water bottle in
a pocket. Three of us had checked it and did not see it there.

When he found it all he said was "here it is"

Mike Falciani

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