Sunday, July 02, 2006

First Day

This morning I pulled a "cray ivan" but a good one. We planned to drive and
park at the long term parking lot but this morning I woke up and thought
ahha "Rapid Rover".

They picked us on time and dropped us off right at the curb, perfect for a
hot and humid Philly day.

The problem was that I did not tell the C family until 10 am so they got a
later pickup.

We are at our first "wait" of the day - two hours until we can board for
Frankfort, Germany. We arrive in Rome tomorrow at 12 local time.

I have my "money belt" on. This is a device that lets the world know how
fat I've become everytime I use money. It will also protect my money from
the Gypsies that await in hords the minute we get off the plane in Italy.

I am blogging from my mobile so after two weeks I am going to have thumbs
the size of Weiner schnitzel.

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