Monday, July 03, 2006

Even Further Delays

Well, we were on our way to Rome.......

Taxing out to the runway the Captain shutdown the engines and after a
lengthy explaination in German where I understood the word "technician" the
captain explained that we had a hydralic failure.

Better on the ground!

Now we have complications and complications are bad traveling. We have a
new plane and a new crew since the delay caused this crew to exceed their
hour limit for the day.

Mrs C was anxious enough since she hates flying. Now, with word of a
mechanical breakdown she is stressed.

The new aircraft is here and they are moving bags now and soon we'll be
seeing parts of an airport that one usually sees only through the little
astic port hole windows.

Luckily, Rome was our final destination and we did not need a connection to
another destination.

I smell jet exhust as we wait.

At least we didn't have to use the slide.

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