Monday, July 03, 2006

Baggage Hell

In my limited experience there is nothing anywhere on Earth slower than the
baggage system in the Rome airport.

Glacier? Faster.
Old man in a walker crossing the street? Like lightning compared to waiting
for a bag at FCO.
Trurtle? I laugh at your turtle.

We waited 3 hours for all of our bags.

One came out in about 40 minutes.

Two more came out in 2 hours.

And then the real fun started as we waited for youngest sons bag. The tour
people had given up hope and told me to file a lost baggage claim.

This is mostly a "feel good" process meant to make Americans feel like
there is a process to search and rescue their luggage. There is a nice
young man that speaks broken English that fills out a computer form with
all of your information. He smiles and is polite but ultimately - He can
not help you.

I know this because directly to the left of his little computer station was
all of the luggage from saturday. All of it

No one at the effecient Rome airport lost luggage area seemed all that
concerned about delivering bags to hotels.

I filled out the form, praying the entire time. I was thinking of coming
back to the Rome airport instead of the Vatacan and horrors like that.

Here are some tips if you are caught in this situation.

1. If you have a digital camera, take photos of your luggage.

2. Have a cell phone that works in europe.

3. Have a copy of your entire intinery. This is no time to be thumbing
through a catalog to I'd your hotel like the lady in front of me did for 15

4. Don't give up. The bags get there, eventually.

So when I completed the imaginary process and walked back to where my
exhusted family waited out popped the last piece of luggage.

Total time: 3 hours.

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