Friday, July 07, 2006

and now with fewer columns

"Rubble and Columns 06" continues through Mycenae a very ancient
hilltop fortified City called an Acropolis. Acropolis is of course
greek word from acros meaning "very old" and polis "rocks".

The tour guide had a difficult time keeping everyone except myself and
Mr. C's attention. Most of the kids were out late and were exhausted.
They may be tired of seeing rocks as well.

Mycenae had no columns. I believe that is worth repeating - NO
COLUMNS. No doric columns, no ionic columns and no corinthian columns.

Just rubble.

We are checking into our hotel room in athens - our second longest
stay at three nights.

The greek lunches have been the best ever. Sit down with waitress
service for about 40 euros for a family of four.

We may get to relax a bit in athens as well as the pace is taking it's
toll. We are getting very little sleep. Last nights hotel had sheets
that we stiff and the tallest pillow I have ever seen.

We just got our first view of the Acropolis with the Parthenon atop!

Mike Falciani

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