Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Absurd but beautiful

Live from Rome.

We did the Rome/Vatican leg of tour today and things are never what you
expect. One of the highlights of the Vatican tour was supposed to be the
Sistine Chapel but I just couldn't get past how absurd it is.

Thousands of people from all over the world show up in large groups all
carrying cameras and when they get there the rules are:

No talking.
No pictures.

So the scene is a large empty room, filled with international travelers,
all with cameras in their hands, all on vacation and used to chatting it up
and and handful of Vatican security guards trying valiently enforce said

It is crazy.

Every five minutes the security guard trys to silence the crowd with
Silenceo! and hand clapping.

From what I could tell this was a full time job. Every five minutes a
SHhhhhh and the crowd quiets for a while.

Oldest son said it was the ultimate librian job. A librarian with a gun.

The other, largely igored absurdity is a room full of the most beautiful
and recognizable art in the world and everyone has a camera and the no
picture rule.

Everyone ignores this rules as well.

Well so much more to tell but my thumbs hurt.

And my feet are killing me.

More later

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