Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The trip planning continues.

We continue to gear up for the Italy and Greece trip.

I bought a new camera that takes bigger and faster photos. I'm thinking that faster is not going to be a big advantage since things like the Acropolis aren't very fast. The thing hasn't moved in 2500 years but if it does, I'm ready.

Oldest son now inherited the Canon S30, my trusty point and shoot since 2002.

I am thinking that this is more of Greece trip and have been focusing on that. Some of the guide books have been a little disappointing reporting on some of our stops. Tolo for example is "frankly overdeveloped" and the best that even the tour company could come up with is "a town whose sandy beaches are just a few miles south of Nauplia". This sounds like Camden because you can "see Philly from there".

The CIA world fact book says that Greece is 98% Greek Orthodox and yet somehow I found this surprising. Like where else is going to be 98% Greek Orthodox? Turkey? Turkey is 99.8 % Muslim. Who knew?

Anyway the tour company ended up giving us a free day in Athens after the cruise and this is causing havoc on people's plans. We now come back a day later than planned. This is good because we are going to need it. Some days have two or three stops packed into them and the cruise part is no different. The longest stay is Rhodes for 11 hours. Some are as little as 4 1/2 hours and Santorini is accessed by tender boats! It has to take hours to get all those people off the ship by boat.

It's definitely a discount trip but taking the whole family will be great.

I've been scoping out Internet Cafes in Greece and it seem very easy to do. The only problem will be time. I hope to update the blog from over there. Pictures if possible of course.

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