Saturday, June 17, 2006


Last night we passed a major life milestone and didn't even plan on it. It happened serendipitously.

We (she) needed to go the 24 hr drugstore for nail polish and so while we were there we picked up a few things we needed.

Then it occurred to us that this place might also have what we have been both looking for and dreading.

Reading glasses.

It had happened slowly. For me, lost my night time long distance vision about 15 years ago. I was getting headaches when driving at night so I broke down and went to the doctors. There I was told that I was "near sighted". It sounds optimistic doesn't it? You are not far-blind, you are near-sighted.

So I received the weakest eye prescription known to man. I honestly believe that they lied to me about the whole "near-sighted" thing because the glasses did next to nothing. In fact I recently went a whole weekend driving on a scout camping trip and one of the lenses had actually fallen out and I didn't even notice.

I had one lens and one fakey glasses. As previously established, I am an idiot.

The person driving with me didn't notice either which I thought was a little strange. I finally noticed when I reached up to clean them and my finger went right through where the lens should have been.

I later found it on the car floor.

Losing vision at the other end happened a little later. I noticed I was losing close up eye sight while working on a computer. I was connecting something up to an RS-232 port on the back and had to reach my head back around where I found myself 4 inches from the ports.

The back of the PC was a blurry mess.

I backed my head and tried my eye sight out there thinking maybe it was something about geography that made my vision blurry.

Nope. I was no longer near-sighted and I was no longer far-sighted either. I now had a range of about 18 inches to 100 yards. I made up a new term: mid-to-longmid-sighted.

The close up vision loss also happened to my wife over time. We were both in denial about it. We would hold books further and further from our faces just to read. There were certain fonts I just couldn't see. My arms were getting to short to read.

So we found ourselves here, at the 24 hr drug store, trying on reading glasses.

We tried some on and it was amazing! It was a miracle! We could could see up close.

Of course I didn't have anything to look at, so I was staring at my hand.

I must have looked stoned. Standing in the drug store, staring at my hand saying "wow".

So, like the first time I went potty, rode a bike, went to school on a school bus, first kiss etc I now add first pair of reading glasses.

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