Monday, June 12, 2006

Gearing up for vacation.

We leave for vacation on the 2nd of July. It's going to be a huge vacation year for us as we are headed to Italy and Greece. Thank goodness we have the money tree.

It's is going to be a two week trip with about 3 days in Italy, 4 days in Greece and then a 4 day Cruise. It sounds like it is going to be a frantic pace, doesn't it? Italy will be over before you can blink but it will be great for the kids.

This is definitely not a top of the line tour (we are going with the High School) but it will be great for the kids to see how people from other countries live. What an experience it will be for them.

Our research is reaching a fever pitch as we check out things to look for and do with our "free" time. Mrs F and I were checking out Greek travel webs and according to this site if we don't watch out we'll be eating bread that taste like sawdust while fending off cats in a ramshackle restaurant only to be ripped off by our waiter.

The cruise is looking better. When we first started our investigations the reports of the ship we are traveling on were horrible. It looks like a new ship is being used for the 3/4 day cruises. It is newer and has better accommodations from the reports that I have read.

Did I mention we are traveling with another family? We have traveled together on vacations before so we are quite experienced together and are looking forward to it. There are nine of us all together.

We I need to get back to research now so I gotta go.

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Neil said...

Did you ever think of using bloggers as resources? Before I took a trip recently to New Mexico, I found a blogger there, emailed her and she gave me a whole list of things to do that only someone who lived there would really know. I'm sure there are tons of English speaking bloggers in those countries.

Your vacation sound amazing!