Sunday, June 04, 2006

Food Network?

Youngest Son wanted a TV in his room over the winter. He had his own money and that is how he wanted to spend it. I thought it was frivolous but went along with it. We bought the TV and I extened the cable to to his room and he was set.

I was most concerned with what he might be watching in their alone out of the sight of the Parental units so I configured the V-Chip to avoid R Rated movies and TV-MA programming. I mean he had HBO in there for crying out loud.

So what does he watch?

The Food Network. I kid you not.

He is just raving about some episode of Iron Chef with "Big-Eyed Tuna". If we find ourselves mindless flipping through the channels he will lobby for "54!", "54" the food network channel number. If we stop there, he knows these people by name.

Last night we watched some woman make Italian style meatloaf. I gotta tell you, it looked good. But 13 year olds watching the food network?

Tonight he is dying to watch some show with bacon in it.

Kids will surprise you. They never turn out like you had in mind or are interested in anything you might be interested in. If you like it, it's the kiss of death.

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