Wednesday, June 28, 2006

First Trip Pre Meeting.

We had a our first informal meeting before the big Italy and Greece trip tonight. It was supposed to be a "Question and Answer" session with two of the teachers that are going on the trip.

I didn't have many questions really I was just there to see if there was any new info.

We are off to an interesting start. There are two groups of about 30 people each and the tour leader picked who went in each group. Well it looks like people made assumptions about who they were going to be with for the entire tour and now some of them are in one group and some in the other.

People are not happy about it.

I can see this is not going to be an easy job keeping 80 people happy.

I also picked up this beauty which is convienetly wrapped in plastic for our next garage sale.

I now have all electrical devices figured out. Lots of nice people lent me the plug adapters and all of my electronic friends are dual voltage. I even had a dual voltage NiMH AA battery charger laying around the house!

I bought a dual voltage hairdryer tonight for $20. It seems simple enough. The only potential problem I see is the instructions say to ONLY use it in the LOW heat setting when you switch to 220 V mode. So what happens if you accidently switch it to high? Scorched wife?

Ironically the instructions for the international travel hairdryer were only written in English. If there was one product that demanded multi-language instructions don't you think it would be a hair dryer that works on every continent? Especially a device that you could accidentally turn into a fireball by using the "HIGH" setting on in the wrong country.

I also picked up a ridiculous straw "Indiana Jones" hat that I would only wear again if I were looking for the Ark of the Covenant in say, Egypt. (Asps, very dangerous, you go first). I also picked up a "money belt" to keep my money out of the hands of the notorious Gypsies in Rome.

Apparently if you keep your money in a skin tight device that looks like one of those things the guys in the Home Depot wear, the Gypsies won't find it.


suburbanstories said...

The hairdryer has an interlock to prevent you from accidently moving to high.

Leanne said...

Ha! I was gonna tell you that your hair dryer had it all under control (the one I use here in Africa is a Walgreen's $20 special and it's been in charge since we left the U.S.) :-)

Your trip to Greece will be as bad as ours- we both need to go back when we have six+ weeks to explore. Let me know when that money tree gets big enough for all of us.