Monday, May 29, 2006

Unbelievably good day.

I am sitting and listening to Eva Cassidy in the "California Room" on the back of the house facing the pool. The speakers are positioned perfectly to get a full stereo spatial effect and the music sounds great. It is 89.8 degrees out, the pool is 81 degrees and the only draw back is that I can hear jets above making the final turn towards Philly International and of course the shed.

It was a near perfect day. Started off great and is now wrapping up nicely.

I didn't do much at all: hammock, pool, puttered about fixing a few nagging things around the house, cut the solar cover to fit the shape of the pool, made a great dinner, rescued a gerbera daisy and am ready to watch a little TV and sleep like a baby. Maybe even some hot tub.

It was really like vacation, but at home. It was the kind of day where you think that hitting the lottery wouldn't really be bad thing.

I have this thing with the lottery. I believe it is a tax on the statistically challenged and if I play my biggest fear is that I might win.

You never hear stories of happy lottery winners.

The common tale is one of divorce, bankruptcy, relatives hounding you for money, friends hounding you for money and finally strangers hounding you for money. Oh yeah and sometimes it's like an episode of "behind the music" on VH1 - a slow descent into drugs and alcohol followed by a come back album.

Today though I was almost tempted.

Mrs F studied (the passport signature!) ( A new thought on the unsigned passport: If you ever encounter a brand new passport and it is signed, it's fake. Only someone with a fake passport signs the thing before they use it) all day and is anxiously awaiting the new application. Tomorrow will bring anxiety again as we rush the application out to the evil ARRT, but for now I am enjoying doing nothing.

This was far better and peaceful memorial day weekend than in the past. There was the tequila soaked weekend at the Sea Isle Inn in 1986. We laughed so hard for three days that my cheeks actually hurt on Tuesday. We had no idea how to get home from the shore. Four of us drove back to Philly by navigating to WMMR as a beacon. If WMMR got stronger, you were going the right way. If it got weaker, turn around.

There was the first weekend in the house Jamie, Rick and I had in Sea Isle in '87. It was a hundred year old house that for the previous ten years had been a party house for Penn State people. It was cold foggy weekend in house with no heat that reeked of ten years of keggers.

They actually just bulldozed that house down after we left in September without removing as much as spoon. I was very sorry we cleaned it.

Those were fun but empty. Today was different. More satisfying. Longer lasting.

Tomorrow it will be back to the grind. Today is for relaxing.

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Neil said...

Sounds near perfect.