Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Unbelievably bad day.

In August 2002 my wife asked/told me that she was going back to school for radiography. She spent nearly two years taking preparatory classes, then applied and was accepted in a local program and spent two more years (through summers) in school. The goal of all of this was to pass a certification exam at the end and get a job.

She graduated last week and has been studying for the certification test for the past 8 weeks through hot water heater floods, parties and everyday living.

She was due to take the test this morning.

She spent the night in Atlantic City and went to take the test at 8 AM.

She handed her new brand new passport over as ID and was promptly rejected from taking the test.

Her brand new passport was unsigned and the test proctor would not allow her to take the exam.

So we are back in limbo. She is officially a "no show" to the exam and the accreditation board must process her as such ( a two week process ), she has to re-apply ( a four to six week process ) and finally take the exam again.

It will be July before this can happen and we are scheduled for vacation the first two weeks of July. It may be August before she can take this test.

Over a signature. It seems absurd. Unbelievable, in fact. The proctor would not let her sign it there.

I mean how is the passport going to get signed anyway? She is going to take the passport and sign it.

I hate to see this hanging over her head like this for weeks. Again. Over vacation. Just awful.

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Neil said...

Talk about ridiculous "red tape."