Friday, May 26, 2006

Testing Aftermath and other odds and ends.

The testing situation with Mrs F is not as bad as we first thought. The part about processing a no-show takes two weeks is total BS and a new application is winging it's way towards us as I write. She should be able to take the test in June which would be sooo much better than studying during the upcoming two week Italy and Greece trip.

Some times when you are in the middle of a bad situation it's hard to see that it might turn out alright.

It turns out that the business about an unsigned passport isn't is true but as it turns out you can just "sign it there". So what to do? We could fight the whole thing with a written response but, surprise! that would take 4-6 weeks again. I think She just re-apply and we'll go from there.

I have really got to get my eye-sight checked. I bought a kit to replace the battery of my iPod and it arrived this week. I sat down at the kitchen table I swear I couldn't focus up close unless the thing was at full arms length. Try snapping a tiny connector together from a mile away or putting a micro-sized 20 Gig hard drive back in from across the room.

Not fun.

But I didn't dare ask for help.

Anyway, the new battery works great accept I didn't shop around much. I later was told there is an 1100 mAh instead of the 850 I bought. With a nine hour plane ride coming up the 1.5 hours I was getting out of the old one wasn't going to cut it.

I saw this on Dave Barry's blog. Scientist have developed a robot cockroach. Did we really need a robot cockroach? Why didn't my high school guidance counselor tell me about this job anyway? The article goes on to say that the robo-roach can be used to "bring other roaches out into the light" - where they can all be stepped on, I suppose.

I 'm sorry, did I just step on your four ba-zillion dollar robot roach?

Well the hot tub is about up to temperature so I am getting in.

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